DLI gate

The genesis of Distance Education in co-incident with the founding of the University itself in 1962.  It is recalled that part of the primary objective of the University at inception and as enunciated in the Ashby Commission, was:
the provision of facilities for part-time studies in such fields as Business Studies, Accounting, Law and Education through Correspondence and Distance Learning techniques

This then was the genesis of the Distance learning Institute (DLI), the fact that it had previously gone through different cognomens notwithstanding.
It was in actualization of this objective that a Unit, the Correspondence and Open Studies Unit (COSU), was established in 1973. COSU in turn was to transform, a decade later in 1983 into the Correspondence and Open Studies Institute (COSIT), with the granting of the latter with some measure of autonomy and enhanced scope of operations.
Consistent with global advances in Open Studies and in particular Distance learning mode of study, the Senate of the University in 1997, while re-affirming the enhanced status and autonomy of COSIT, effected some re-structuring and streamlining in the general modus operandi of the Institute.

These various changes delineated above were, among others, aimed at effecting the necessary streamline and restructuring towards achieving the pure Distance learning mode of education delivery in all its ramifications.
In keeping therefore with these various re-structuring measures, and to reflect the Distance learning philosophy, the name COSIT had to be changed to DLI (The Distance learning Institute).
DLI, as now constituted with enhanced status as that of a College in the University, has its own Management Board and its own Academic Board and is empowered to formulate her own policies, employ her own staff and be responsible for academic programmes, examinations as well as supervise her day to day affairs and generate funds for her running costs.

Consistent with its founding tenets, as enunciated in the Ashby Report, the Mission of the Institute is:
-To provide opportunities for higher education for those already in some gainful employment
-To widen and diversify access to a flexible, innovative and cost-effective system of education to the ever increasing number of learners who, either did not have the opportunity of University education or for some other reasons cannot engage in full-time studies.


To be a centre of excellence in the provision of educational services through the Distance Learning mode.

The Philosophy on which the Institute is founded is premised on the concept that it is to the ultimate advantage of a nation if as many of its people as possible who are qualified are given the opportunity of obtaining University education, especially if such people are already in some gainful employment.