From the Desk of the President

It is both my pleasure and sincere Honour to welcome you as a member of the University of Lagos Distance Learning Students’ Association.

The University of Lagos , Distance Learning Institute Students Association (DLISA) is an organized union body established for the advancement of Students welfare, conducive learning environment, promotion of moral and academic excellence among others. DLISA is the only body for all the University of Lagos , DLI Students which has over 10,000 Students across different ethnics and departments of learning.

The Executive bodies which consist of Ten (10) Elected officers are the administrative and implementing executives that works in parallel to further the aims and principles of the Students Association, in general ,we coordinate the Union on a day to day basis during academic session as provide for transparency, Accountability and tranquility of the actions of the various serving officers.

The DLISA work by consensus and discuss any matter that could be considered as work for the Students Association, more so any issues that students face, especially during lecture period and Residential.

DLI Student Association has grown and changed greatly since the organization was conceived, but its purpose remains the same: to be an advocate for students on issues that affect them, provides services and conveniences that members of the DLI Students Association need in their daily lives, creates an environment for getting to know and understand others through formal and informal associations.

We specifically believe that the University of Lagos DLI Student Association will:

  • Be an integral part of the educational mission of the University of Lagos by complementing the academic experience through an extensive array of programs, student employment, and leadership development opportunities.

  • Be a student-centered organization that values participatory decision-making.

  • Provide state of the art meeting, gathering, office, and study space equal to or better than other excellent institutions.

  • Support a diversified array of programming that reflects the needs of the Institute in order to enhance educational, cultural, and developmental social interaction.

  • Provide a welcoming environment that is the center of campus life, due to its location, programming, and general accessibility to all members of the University of Lagos Distance Learning Institute.

  • Serve as a unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity.


The mission of Student Association is to create a vibrant and conducive Learning environment by
  • Advocating for the needs and interests of DLI students,
  • Developing and implementing both innovative and traditional programs,
  • Allocating the student activity fee to unique and engaging activities, programs, and initiatives.
  • Representing the student body in the administration's decision-making process, ensuring that students have a voice in the academic and social decisions which directly affect them.


  • It is the vision of DLI Student Association to responsibly serve and empower every DLI student to be a force for change and improvement while fostering and preserving tradition at University of Lagos .
Meet the Executives

Comr. Sulaimon Adeola Sheriff President
Hon.Nsikka David Tom Vice President
Hon..Folarin A.Olayinka Secretary General
Hon.Adeyeye V.Oluwasegun Assistant Secretary
Hon.Omatoye Temitope Treasurer
Hon.Adeoye Biobaku Financial Secretary
Hon.Chukwuzitere Chioma Welfare Secretary
Hon Sumonu Olaitan Social Secretary
Hon.Ajasa Taiwo Public Relation Officer
Hon.Akinrinola Azeez Sport Secretary
We are proud to have you in the prestigious University of First Choice
For further enquiries, feel free to visit the secretariat or call the following numbers
08038917183, 08039570087,08033653115.

Comr.Sulaimon A.Sheriff