Monday 13th Nov. 2023                                              Resumption of Academic Year 2023/2024

Tuesday 14th Nov. 2023                                              Registration Commences

Wednesday 15th Nov. 2023                                         Departmental Meetings

Tuesday 21st Nov. 2023                                               BCOD Meetings

Wednesday 22nd Nov. 2023                                        DLI Academic Board of Studies Meeting

Saturday 16th Nov. – Saturday 16th Dec. 2023        Virtual Interactive Sessions with Learners

Tuesday 28th Nov. 2023                                               DLI Academic Board of Studies Meeting

Tuesday 5th Dec.   2023                                                Seminar with DLI Academic Staff

Thursday 7th Dec. 2023                                                Assembly of DLI Facilitators’ Meeting

Tuesday 12th Dec.2023                                                 Interactive Session with E-tutors

Friday 22nd Dec. 2023 – Sunday 7th Jan. 2024       Christmas/New Year Break

Friday 29th Dec. 2023                                                   End of Application for 2023/2024 session

Monday 8th Jan. 2023                                                  Resumption from Xmas/ New Year Break

Tuesday 9th Jan. 2024                                                  Departmental Meetings

Monday 15th Jan.-Thursday 18th. Jan. 2024           Convocation Ceremony

Thursday 18th Jan. 2024                                              E-tutoring via LMS commences.

Saturday 20th Jan. – Saturday 24th Feb. 2024       Virtual Interactive Sessions with Learners

Thursday 25th Jan. 2024                                              DLI Academic Seminar

Monday 5th Feb. – Saturday 24th Feb.  2024          1st Semester Examinations in all Faculties

Thursday 22nd Feb. 2024                                            DLI Academic Seminar

Wednesday 28th Feb. 2024                                         Departmental Meetings

Tuesday 20th Feb. 2024                                              Matriculation Exercise/ Orientation

Saturday 2nd Mar. 2024                                              Study Centre Meetings Commence

Tuesday 5th – Saturday 23rd Mar., 2024                 1st CMA/TMA (Posting & Submission)

Monday 11th Mar., 2024                                              Radio Lectures Commence

Tuesday 14th Mar. 2024                                              Departmental Meeting

Tuesday 19th Mar. 2024                                              DLI Academic Board of Studies Meeting

Thursday 29th Mar. 2024                                            DLI Academic Seminar

Wednesday 1st May-19th June 2024                          Submission of Examination Questions

Thursday 25th April 2024                                            DLI Academic Seminar

Monday 6th May – Saturday 25th May., 2024         2nd CMA/TMA (Posting & Submission)

Tuesday 7th May 2024                                                  DLI Academic Board of Studies Meeting

Thursday 30th May 2024                                             DLI Academic Seminar

Friday 21st June 2024                                                   End of Radio Lectures

Monday 24th June 2024                                               Release of Draft Examination Time Table

Thursday 28th June 2024                                             DLI Academic Seminar

Saturday 29th June 2024                                              End of Study Centre Meetings

Monday 1st July 2024                                                    Deadline for Submission of Final Year Project Report

Monday 1st July – Saturday 20th July 2024              2nd Semester Examinations in all Faculties

Monday 8th – Saturday 27th July, 2024                     3rd CMA/TMA (Posting & Submission)

Monday 22nd July, 2024                                               Release of Final Examination Time Table

Saturday 20th July – Saturday 3rd Aug., 2024         Final Year Project Defense

Saturday 27th July, 2024                                               Arrival of Students to Hostels (Years 3-6)

Monday 29th July, 2024                                        DLI Residential Programme Begins

(6 weeks)

Tuesday 30th July, 2024                                       End of Registration of all Courses

Monday 29th July – Saturday 3rd Aug. 2024            Lecture Mop up Week for Years 3-6

Thursday 1st August 2024                                     3rd International Colloquium

(1 week)

Wednesday 31st July, 2024                                           GST Examinations for Years 3-6

Monday 5th – Saturday 17th Aug., 2024                     Examinations for Years 3-6

(2 weeks)

Saturday 17th Aug., 2024                                               Years 3-6 Depart Hostels

Sunday 18th Aug., 2024                                                  Arrival of Students to Hostels (Years 1 & 2)

Monday 19th – Saturday 24th Aug., 2024                   Lecture Mop up Week for Years 1 & 2

(1 week)

Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd Aug., 2024            GST Examinations for Years 1 & 2

Monday 26th Aug., – Saturday 7th Sept., 2024            Examinations for Years 1 & 2

(2 weeks)

Saturday 7th Sept., 2024                                                   End of Residential Programme/ Departure for Years 1 & 2

Monday 16th – Saturday 21st Sept., 2024                    Conference Marking across Departments

Monday 7th Oct., 2024                                                     Departmental Board of Examiners Meeting

Tuesday 15th Oct., 2024                                                   BCOD Meeting

Wednesday 23rd Oct., 2024                                            DLI Board of Studies Meeting

Monday 30th Sept. 2024                                                  Proposed Date of Resumption, 2024/2025 Academic Session

                                                                                    Consideration of Results by BCOS

                                                                                    Senate Meeting to Consider Results


Wednesday of every week                                        DLI Management Meeting

4th Tuesday of month                                               DLI Seminar Series

Quarterly                                                                     Research Sub-Committee Meeting

Quarterly                                                                     DLI Management Board



2nd Wednesday of every month                     Faculty Board of Studies/Examiners Meeting

1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month            Inaugural Lecture

Last Wednesday of every month                    Senate Meeting

Two weeks after Examinations                      Uploading of Results